Pirate Audio Amp/Software Setup Problems

Hi All,

I just purchased the Pirate Audio Amp and installed it on my RPi Zero W, installed Raspbian and ran the install script provided - and this is where I started to lose my hair. Try as I might, I could never get Mopidy working properly. At first, I could not even get a browser to connect - I followed all the Mopidy guides I could find including the official set up guide, nothing worked. I did eventually manage to connect although the url I needed to use in a browser was not anything like what the guides said I needed - I only found it by using the Android app and copying the server address shown in that into my browser. Anyway - I first tried Iris, but that is useless without a Spotify premium account which I do not have (nor want). Then I tried to get any of the other web clients to work but they would never load, not one of them. Meanwhile - the install script did seem to install the software and setup configuration for the screen and buttons although this was very buggy to say the least - the screen would not always update to show what was playing and just stayed showing the first track, sometimes the buttons worked sometimes they didn’t. I got so fed up and frustrated. I couldn’t get any sound from my connected speakers for a long time - this I did manage eventually. The postman delivered my phat around 11 am. I finally gave in and went to bed at 4 am the next day utterly dejected and thoroughly disappointed.

So this morning I wiped my SD card and installed a fresh Pi Musicbox image instead - this software works right out of the box, it was a relatively simple process getting the sound to work and so I now have a nice little internet radio working, however obviously I do not have a working screen or buttons. Can someone please help me to get these working in Pi Musicbox instead of me having to go back to the vanilla Mopidy setup which is horrible, totally hopeless and does not work properly - at least for me. I would assume it is fairly straightforward to set the screen/buttons up in Pi Musicbox as it is based upon Mopidy? Unfortunately this is where my expertise, such that it is, runs out. I’ve tried going through the relevant steps described in the GitHub page but this broke my Musicbox set up, failed to install vital bits and pieces, and I had to start all over again. I’m exhausted, at the end of my tether, and thinking I may as well have just ordered the significantly cheaper dac/amp phat without the buttons and screen.

Any help is much appreciated,
Kind regards,