No Wifi with Pi5

Hi, is it expected that the Pi5 cannot have working Wifi without a 5A PSU? I have tried 2 different 3.5A PSUs to no avail. I understand that it would need more grunt if powering additional peripherals, but I kind of expected onboard Wifi to work on 3.5A.



Wi-fi worked OK for me with a Pi 5 and one of the official Pi 4 3A PSUs?

Thanks, I have just tried the same and it’s not working. Looks like I have a dud unit :/

I tried Raspbian and Ubuntu, I tried other Wifi networks with no joy. Wired networking is fine.

To provide a little more detail, wifi scanning is working, I can see Wifi networks, it just won’t join/authenticate.

If you can see Wifi networks, but it won’t join, then you should try only 2.4GHz. My Pi5 works fine with 2.4GHz. I did not try 5GHz, because I had problems in the past with Pi3/Pi4.

BTW: I use a PSU with 3.5A max and it hardly uses 1.5A (with HDMI and keyboard, but nothing else connected).

Thanks for the suggestion, but if it can’t do 5Ghz I don’t want it :)

So it turns-out it didn’t like my Wi-Fi router … after some tinkering and changing the Wi-Fi channels on the router from auto to a selected channel value I got it to work.