Faulty Pi 5

Hi i received a Pi 5 from Pimeroni at last but the power adaptor port is too small for official Raspberry pi 5 power adaptor.

Its a broken port. Not damaged just design fault by looks. I have never been able to use as cant plug in.

Anyone else have this problem and know how Pimeroni deal with faulty good replacement?

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Can you post a photo of the “wrong port”?

Get in touch with Pimoroni, they are very good at dealing with stuff like this

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For sure, but a picture would be helpful - it’s unlikely that the Pi 5 has a design flaw and can’t be plugged in. I imagine someone would have noticed by now… :-)

I don’t know what the manufacturer’s quality control is like but my first Pi5 came with the fan connector hanging off and when the replacement arrived one of the usb ports had a small metal tab obstructing the entry, so I had to ease that back with a screwdriver. Anything is possible 😎

I can imagine rough handling / shipping could bend some connectors or push one of the little tabs in on the USB ports, but unless the USB C port has got crushed or something, it’s hard to picture a physical block.

Maybe a picture will appear and clarify :)

Yes a photo would certainly help.

Hi so the usb c port not the mini hdmi is a tiny bit too small so the official raspberry pi power adaptor connector doesnt fit into it. Thinks its a usb c…. ?

There is no visible damage from posting…

A photo would not show anything as to look at the port it looks finr but when you try to put power adaptor in its not possible to seat

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You don’t by any chance have the Pi in a case that could be snagging, do you?

I mean, USB C ports are pretty standard, and I can’t imagine it being so kinked that it prevents you from plugging something into it, and yet be invisible to the naked eye.

Regardless, if you are sure it’s faulty you’ll need to email support (who, I’m predicting, would also want to see a picture because it’s definitely not a general design flaw, someone would have mentioned by now!)