Pi 5 8gb no longer booting

I have rebooted my pi after an update today and it now is no longer booting, regardless of the PSU or SD card used.

It has always been in a Pi Coupe case, with the active cooler, and used the official Pi 5 PSU. However now all it does is sit there with a red light on the power light. Pressing the power button does nothing. I have tried to use a Pi 4 PSU with no change.

I have put in a different SD card, flashed with the bootloader recovery from the RPI Imager, and with the Pi 5 PSU noting happens. If I use the Pi 4 PSU after a bit the light cycles from red, to amber then green ~three times. Al the while there is nothing displayed on the screen (connected to a 1080p monitor via HDMI cable on HDMI 0).

Does anyone have any other suggestions I could try as at this point I honestly think it has died and needs to be RMA’d which sucks.

Have you tried booting it up with no SD Card inserted? That “should” get you a diagnostics screen.

Yes, no display output. Sometimes if I leave it disconnected and then apply power it will boot to the bootloader then loop through any attached drives about 3 times then shutdown. I then have to leave it unpowered for 5 mins or so to be able to do the same thing again. It’s very odd.

Do you happen to remember what the update was? Kind of sounds like it a boot eeprom update issue?

It sounds like you have already done this

Using Raspberry Pi Imager to update the bootloader

Raspberry Pi Documentation - Raspberry Pi hardware

Yeah… Tried the bootloader reflash but nothing seems to want to work.

Just to confirm, you selected raspberry Pi5 when creating the recovery SD Card?

Just did updates on my Pi5 8gb, and an rpi-eeprom update was in the list. All updates are done and my Pi 5 rebooted OK. Just a FYI post. Mine is booting to NVMe, 500gb.

Yes, I did. Not bothered with the nvme hat as it won’t fit nicely in the pibow. As such SD card and SSD plugged into a pi4to keep things running.

OK, just wanted to make sure you selected Pi 5. As you saw in that other thread, I got lucky and had some Pibow bits on hand to fab something up.

I have no idea what went south with your setup? Kind of sounds like a hardware failure to me. You can contact Pimoroni via e-mail and see what they have to say.
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