Pi 5 red light, no boot, no diagnostic screen

I was running open cv on a pi 5 with a camera attachment. After leaving the pi on for a day, and shutting it off and unplugging, it no longer will turn on. My monitor would cycle between flat white, then salmon, lime, blue, and back to white. Now It receives no signal. I tried changing HDMI settings in the config file, and booting the pi up with no SD card or usb plugins, just HDMI, to try and see the diagnostics menu. Neither of these worked. any help would be greatly appreciated, this is my first raspberry pi project!

Have you got a spare Pi 5 Power Supply? Preferably one of the Official Pi 5 ones.
Do you have access to a Multi Meter?
Anything attached to the GPIO header?

I only have the one power supply, but it is the official pi 5 version. I have a multi meter, and the GPIO header is clear

I’m able to read 3.3 V from the 3 V output to the ground header pin

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That’s what I was going to have you measure. Have you tried a different monitor and or monitor cable?

Ive tried a different monitor, I haven’t tried a different cable yet. the second monitor also had no signal

Bones to Kirk, “I think it’s dead Jim”?
It sounds like a hardware fault to me. There isn’t much you can do with no video or boot code blink?

I just tried a separate cable, It didn’t work

I agree, I think it’s dead. I assume Ill have to buy a new board? or is this something that can be covered by warranty?

Warranty depends on when and where you bought it. I think its 30 days money back here?