Raspberry Pi 5 8GB Not Booting

I have a Raspberry Pi 5 8gb that I attached the active cooler to and put in the official case, Installed Raspberry Pi OS on an SD card using Raspberry Pi Imager on Windows but it will not boot, with the fan just being on full blast and the green led flashing 4 times fast and 3 times slow. On the official documentation I saw that this error code refers to the RP1 chip not being found but on further reading I could not really find any information on this and have not found anyone having the same issue on this forum or the official raspberry pi forum.

To troubleshoot this I tried updating the bootloader using Raspberry Pi Imager and I also tried installing Raspberry Pi OS on a USB stick but neither of these worked, I am confident there is nothing wrong with the SD card or USB stick used for these images. Nothing is ever displayed through the HDMI except when I updated the bootloader where the screen went green as expected. I am using the official 27W power supply.

Any help would be appreciated.

Remove the SD Card and boot up. You should get a text info / diagnostic screen. See what that says.

With the SD Card removed it still does the exact same thing with no display output through HDMI, just full speed fans and the green LED blinking 4 times slowly 3 times fast.

Ok, just wanted to rule out the SD Card. I’ve seen reports of known good (on a pi 4) SD Cards not working on a Pi 5. It appears to be fussy about what SD Cards you use?

You can e-mail Pimoroni Tech Support via this link.
Contact Us for Raspberry Pi Technical Support - Pimoroni

Or wait to see if they post here. I’ve only just got mine, so far so good no issues. Early days yet though.

Might want to take it out of the case and give it a good look over. Look for any scratches or other defects etc? And try booting it up out of the case.

Did you get an answer on this? I have the same issue. A brand new raspberrypi 5 out of the box, no hdmi signal. Very frustrated.

Can you connect to the uart port ? It might give some messages and give an idea of where its failing.


Connect to the what? 😂 I’m very new at this. This my first ever attempt at anything like this so I’m very much learning from scratch as I go.

@ Paulstaion24

Sorry. The PI 5 has a dedicated UART (serial) connector. See image.

You can use this to connect to another computer via a serial to USB converter and see text messages of the boot up sequence. The easiest way is to use the PI debug probe as it has the correct cable making it easier. Here is a link to a video of someone doing that.

I’ll see if I can get the adapter to try. Thanks

You can always emails customer support direct support@pimorni.com. They are usually excellent about replacing items and would then be zero cost for you!

You can create your own Pico probe for as little as £5.40 (small amount of soldering) or about £6.30 if you get a pico with headers and a female debug cable .

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Pimoroni Pico Debug Cable – Male
or this
Pimoroni Pico Debug Cable – Female
should work.

There is also this as an option.
Raspberry Pi Debug Probe (pimoroni.com)

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