Pimoroni Rpi5 bottom hat?

I waited n finally received my nice looking Pimoroni PCie RPi bottom hat. (So much cooler looking than the Plain Pineberry).

My problem is, the board appears to be “DOA”. Whether it’s the flex cable (?) Or the board itself ?? (“I” have no way of knowing ?)

I tried 2 Nvme (recommended Nvme SSD gen 3),
Lexar & Crucial. On both of my Pi5 8gb.

No connection (lsblk) in terminal.

I also ordered & received (much faster) the Pineberry board (with power light indicator)

I got the Pineberry working day one.
(It’s indicator light is a def plus,)

So I was able to swap boards and Nvme’s.
The pimaroni did not appear on either Pi5 device.
(With any combination of NVme or Rpi5)

I like the board, but is it dead (never worked or registered) or is it the cable ?

How do I test this here in the states (beyond my rudimentary attempts ? Mentioned here).

How do I even get another cable (why?) or test the board / start a return ?

Thx !