Pi 5 NVME PCIe extender?

Hey everyone,
I have just ordered the Pimoroni pi 5 NVMe m.2 ssd base but the ffc that comes with it is way too small for my setup as I will need some space between the bottom of the pi and the base for ssd heatsink.

Can anyone recommend a PCIe riser that is compatible with the pi and the board? In total, when mounted via m2.5 screws there will be about 6cm between each board.

I have googled and googled but can’t find anything that looks like the PCIe cable that comes with it or like the port on the pi 5.

You help is much appreciated

This what your looking for?
PCIe Flex Cable for NVMe Base and Raspberry Pi 5 – PCIe Pipe 50mm (pimoroni.com)

You have to put the nvme below the pi5 and just screewing one only
When you can boot from drive you can remove the sd card and screw all

only work with base one ssd

Yeah I was just hoping for like 10mm longer than that. My only hypothesised work around will be using a fcc cable (50mm) and a fcc to fcc 16 pin adaptor to get the extra length. I ordered a standard fcc by accident and have just now ordered a shielded and controlled cable so hopefully that works to give a little more length, just seems like Pimoroni haven’t provided much flexibility to the length offered.

Understanding Raspberry Pi recommend 50mm maximum, the custom cable they use on the nvme base makes it incredibly hard for anyone needing a little more she ace between the boards.

I understand that - what I am saying is that I want to increase the space between the pi and the base board under it due to wanting to add a cooler to the ssd, hence the cable ffc that comes with it is too short.

I went side by side for my setup.
My Pi 5 NVMe build - Discussion - Pimoroni Buccaneers

The NVMe base ends up backside up though. Mine is stock, no cooler, so no big deal for me.

If your no making use of the Pi’s GPIO Header you could mount the NVME Base on top of the Pi.

Check on the pinebird site

Love this idea!

I have a slimline ice tower on the pi so hopefully it isn’t too tall / still reaches but with the pimproni cable being an angle I’m worried it won’t face the right direction.

I’ve ordered a makeshift fix which is just a fcc cable connector and a 6cm ffc cable, but definitely going to try the side by side and maybe 3D print a custom base to hold it all together if that’s the way to go!

Thanks for showing me your set up, definitely helping me work it out. The pi is going to be used for large A.I. dataset processing hence the cooling needed on the ssd and pi as it’ll overclock. I dug myself a hole in getting the pimorono name base regarding the length of the cable but I’ll make it work hahah

I got lucky and had some spare Pibow case parts on hand. That let me build a case for the NVME that matched what was used for the Pi 5.

Also in the same way
i will made small project with a plexi tower and different pi4 to gather inside
One problem solve was the dedicated power for pi 5 second using a longer ribbon cable