NVMe Base flex cable

I have a damaged flex cable for the nvme base. I see the specs for the RPI5 side here https://datasheets.raspberrypi.com/pcie/pcie-connector-standard.pdf

Does anyone have the specs for the other end, or perhaps a link to the appropriate flex cable?

Also, with the FLIRC (passive aluminum) case, this thing mounts pretty well. Had to use some small standoffs (Male / female) to make room for the ssd/components and shorter screws, but I’m pretty happy with the functionality. The back of nvme base is protected by the FLIRC plastic. Now if I can just find a cable…


Pimoroni sell replacement 35mm cables for 96p each…

and a longer 50mm cable too…

Oh awesome I missed those…


Hi @jshep321
Could you please provide more detailed instructions how you managed to fit the Pi5 together with the NVMe adapter board into the Flirc case? I doubt there is enough spare room in the case beneath the Pi?

Sure – if you look at the pic closely, it does not fit inside. I used (male threaded) standoffs to secure the Pi to the flirc case. The other side of those standoffs have female threads. I stack the nvme base and the flirc plastic bottom on this side of the standoffs and screw them in place. This kit (or similar) is quite useful. Standoff kit