Power connection - broken off the hat?!

Hi hi,

So we recently finished building the 10" Pi (there have been a few teething problems getting the controls to work properly, but that’s not relevant any more!).

The little doohickey (technical term) that is the USB-C connection on the hat has broken off.

Any advice on what we can do to fix it? Kind of gutted that it’s broken so quickly :/


It sounds like it was faulty, so I’d get in touch with Pimorni support and ask if they can send you a replacement.

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You should be able to power everything via the Pi’s USB power port. The Picade on off button won’t work but the Picade should be playable until you sort out what to do next.
There is a contact us link at the bottom of the shop page that takes you here,
You can e-mail Pimoroni directly from there.

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Thanks @mironic - I’ll get on to them :)

Awesome - thanks @alphanumeric - good to know we can still play until I can get the hat sorted.