Raspberry Pi 4 Wifi dropping

Hi All,

I was wonder if anyone here has issues with RPi 4 using Wifi 2.4 Ghz which constantly drops the connection and also not able to connect using 5 Ghz. I am on Virgin Media, using their Hub 3 modem router where I have quite a few wireless devices connected to both bands and I don’t have any issues. I also have a RPi 3 Model 3 connected using wifi running 24/7 with no issues.

I am unsure if it is a drive/hardware issue.

It would be good to know if other are facing similar issues.

RPI on board WiFi is rubbish in my experience and so are tiny USB dongles. To get around it I had to put a very strong WiFi booster in the room I use as a lab. Laptops, phones and ESP8266 modules work fine in the same room from my main router, which is not very far away.

What type of case is it in? Plastic or metal etc.
Any Hats or pHats attached? That might block the signal.
Both 2.4 and 5 GHz are usable on mine. I think mine has dropped my connection maybe once? And I do believe it was the 5Ghz band. We were getting some power bumps that day though if I remeber correctly. It was stormy outside etc.

I had an aluminium heatsink case installed and I first thought this was the issue as it will affect the signal. So I removed the case and the signal strength improved but still disconnects on 2.4Ghz and does not connect on 5 GHz. No hats attached but am using a wire usb keyboard and mouse with micro hdmi cable and a 2 amp power supply.

I think 2 amp is enough at the moment just to get it up and running with WiFi.

WiFi signal is fairly good, but I will try moving the RPi closer to the router to eliminate as many variables as I can.

The problem is the aerial is tiny. Look at how big a proper 2.4GHz aerial on a router is. Laptops have similar sized internal aerials in the lid. I have no success with tiny dongles unless they are in the same room as the router and the RPI aerial is even smaller . And 5 GHz is useless because it doesn’t go through walls and floors.

I was running mine off of the official 2.5A Micro USB power supply at first. No issues I was aware of. I’ve since got the official 3A USB C power supply.
Undervolt warnings on your display would be an indication of your power supply having issues supplying enough current.

I setup the Pi to run headless with VNC turned on with the Pi in the same room as the wifi router (about 2.5 m from the wifi router). I connected via VNC and ran ping in the Terminal it reached sequence 15, the connect dropped; VNC lost connection and attempted to reconnect. It reconnected after about 30 seconds and resumed pinging at sequence 45. Again the connection dropped at sequence 84 and resumed at 106 and continued in this pattern.

I will hazard a guess that there is definitely an issue with the onboard wireless even if the antenna is minuscule and it should not have so frequent drop outs.

I picked up a 3A power supply (not official) just to rule out power issues. There has been no undervolt warning displayed using 3A or 2A PSU since I am not running anything demanding of it, so I can rule out PSU not supplying enough power to it.

I’m thinking you have a defective Pi 4? Partially defective anyway.

Yes I’m thinking that too. Everything thing else works (not tested Bluetooth).

Thanks for to all for your help and suggestions.