Nvme base problems!

I am just curious not worried about whether the M.2 temp heats up further the rpi5 board/cpu. I can figure a script to get rpi5 & nvme temp for idle/usage. I’ll share results in a separate thread.

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Had to take a day off of the pi. A bit of background, which youll see in the pic. I have nvme drives running on a raspberry pi 4 (usb3), and an orange pi 5 (nvme extension cable). Both work perfectly, though the orange gave me about 30min worth of trouble at first.
This raspberry pi 5 and the nvme base has been many, many hours, and still only once seeing it pop up on the screen as recognizing the drive is there.
I did try running pig tails from the base board to the 5v gpio, just to rule out power. So now we are down to 3 options. A bad pcie cable between boards. A bad nvme base. A bad raspberry pi 5.
If we just had a dang nvme socket on the bottom of the raspberry pi… The orange pi almost has it right, but the placement and orientation of the socket is aweful.
Anyhow, im going to test the first two possibilities when i get the new base board. The rpi5, while im hesitant to believe it, has an equal chance of being the problem, but thats only a 3rd or the possibilities.

I wonder how “delicate” is that flex ribbon cable? Does it withstand the bending & handling during installation. (Still awaiting my crucial 1TB P3+ for install)

Idkk, its a distinct posibility that the cable is the issue. Ribbons are notorious for probelms in laptops and sich whereadaquate length isnt given for the length if run plus any movement that may be involved. For the moment while im waiting for this problem to get resolved, im back to my orange pi5 and with a 2230 on the bottome of it, i couldnt be happier. Im getting a troubling feeling im chasing early adopter problems, and in the past ive run into companies involved just ghosting me.

I love having a pi of one format or another on the back of a tv or on my network rack. They are lower cost solutions to simple home media problems. I was gearing up to shut down amazon services in the house all together, but i need one more device to get there. That was to be the rpi5, but i am almost ready to try a different path, like a framework laptop/desktop. Pi’s take a fair bit of prep and honestly im losing faith in the addons for them. Ive never had a hat fail, but all of my storage solutions with my pi’s have been trouble. Pi’s are perfect little workhorses, but the storage for them has always been nightmares. Usb and sd cards are so unreliable. The two reliable ones, sata, and nvme, dont have any sort of native solution. Idk i keep using pi’s cause of the low power requirements and mostly low cost. But these days i could simply build out a slightly more expensive am4 board and have no problems with storage at all.
Sorry, super frustrated. Idk why pi’s fight so much, to just do what shouldnt be an issue at all. My orange pi, although learning to run on a different architecture was a bit of a learning curve has been the least problematic if all the sbc’s i own.

jfyi the pcie ribbon cable is rated for 2x0.5A (1A), I think Pimoroni mentioned that it can maybe handle spikes up to 1.2A, else as you know there’s the direct 5V pads.

I recently decided to just use the rpi5 for homebridge & move my media (movies) to Asus Flashstor6, it isn’t the best but aint the worst for price/quality/features.
I’ll use the nvme drive on rpi5 as just temporary storage for miscellaneous (video test patterns,…) if it works ! I am receiving the Crucial P3+ 1TB drive today.

For what it’s worth. My ribbon cable has been tugged on a fair bit in the process of building and setting up my side by side posted above. Mostly when needing access to the SD Card. My next planned upgrade / modification is easy access to the Pi’s SD Card slot. Anyway, it’s non the worse for the wear, as near as I can tell.

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Received the replacement today. My problem is sorted now, thank you for all the help provided.

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My setup looks like this now