On/off shim how to disable off function

This may seem a bit strange but what is the easiest way to disable the off function in the on/off shim?
I want to use an external button to activate the shim (and turn on the pi) but i dont want the power off script to start if i press the button accidentally.

Also, What happens if i use a latching switch?

If you do a shutdown, and don’t remove power, you can boot a Pi back up by grounding GPIO 3 (physical pin 5). And pressing that button again while its running won’t do anything. No need for the on off shim.
If your going to disable the shutdown function, why use the on off shim at all?

Yes, you are right. I had not thought it through.
My plan was to use it as sort of tripwire wildlife-cam and to conserve battery the pi would not turn on until something activated the bait but a latching relay will probably be a better option i this case. I just have to make the case a bit bigger

I run Motion Eye OS on my camera setups. It can be set to only take a picture when motion is detected. Or record a video when motion is detected. You can also set a limit for the length of the video.

Disclaimer, I don’t use the motion detection with mine. I use them primarily as surveillance cameras. They run headless and I view them from their web gui in a browser on my PC or another PI over my LAN.

Thanks, it is basically the same idea. I use pikrellcam mostly because i want the sound as well. But a pi0 will run about48 hours on a 20Ah battery with mic and motion detection so the idea is to turn it on when the first bait is taken. Then I know the lynx, in this case, is in the area, and can get filmed.
I am working on radio switch so all cameras will turn on when one bait is activated.

Ok, sounds interesting. A cloths pin with tin foil on the tips will work as a trip switch. You put something non conductive between the tips, with a string on it. When its pulled out the cloths pin closes, the tin foil touches and closes the circuit.
You just strip the ends of two wires and wrap the tin foil over them. Heavy rain may set it off but its as inexpensive and low tech as you can get lol.

Yes, that was pretty much what i had in mind, although with a plattform that activates a switch, and i figured out how to make “latching” relay circuit with an opto relay and a transistor so I can make it really tiny.
I need the relay In case the bait or something else weighs the plate down so it only makes a momentary connection.