On off shim


Hi, had a go at setting this up today. Both the on board button and the external button only power the pi whilst pressed, if I let go the power stops. I guess I soldered something wrong?



Would you be able to reflow the joints on the main header and possibly the joints connecting to the button as well also make sure the button is connected correctly


Yep, the solder joints definitely look a bit suspect. You need to make sure to hold your soldering iron long enough that the solder flows right onto the copper pad surrounding the pins; there shouldn’t be any copper visible, ideally.


Thanks, I’ll give it another shot


Had another go. I think solder now covering ok, but still same result. Sorry, I am a complete noob at electronics and this is my first time soldering. No burnt fingers yet though 😉



Any thoughts? Is there something I could be testing on the board with a multi-meter? Just to confirm, it all powers up when I push the switch, but doesn’t stay on when I release it.



I’d revisit the soldering as some of those joints look a little suspect (dull not shiny). They should all look like the first two at the bottom left of your first image.




Ok cool, I’ll give it another go. I guess best to try and clean the pins up and resolder, rather than try to reuse what is there?

If the solder is dull, does that mean it’s not conductive?



Dull solder can be a sign of a dry joint which may not conduct.