On off switch

Hi. Where will I find that simple on off switch in your website. The one that fits between the power input and the power lead to give you a simple way to switch on and off?

Need a little more info than that, at least I do anyway.
Wire / solder in, or plug in etc?
If plug in, plug into what?

The main question here is: what do you want to turn on and off?

Were you thinking of this simple £3 cable gizmo?..

It will work perfectly to turn a Pi on but should not be used as the only way of turning a Pi off as it risks corrupting the OS media. You should ideally shutdown the Pi before turning the power off with this switch. Hence the queries from your other responders

Only slight problem is if your USB to Pi cable is a long one this switch might be the wrong end of the cable i.e. at the PSU end not next to the Pi.

Were you thinking of this simple £3 cable gizmo?..YES.
My setup has my Pi plugged in under mys desk and I’m not as agile as I used to be.