OnOff Shim does not switch my RPi 3+ off

With regards to LED is always active
Look here
This guy uses the same config


With a stock install, “no on off shim”, the LED will always be on. Was what I was trying to convey. Muddled it up a bit sorry.

That is what the on off shim is for, to totally remove power from the Pi.It has to know the Pi is shutdown to do that though so it talks back and forth with the Pi. A shutdown signal going out, and a has shut down signal coming back.
Why did you edit / change the config file? And what did you change?

dameon_active=1 was not active…means a # before
I changed the “led_pin” to 25 because in my config i use the GPIO Pin25 for the LED

So testet now with pi2 B V1.1
Same results
red LED stays active and i am not able to activate (while pressing the button again) the system again

It is strange that i “may be” have received 2 faulty onoffshims

I have measured the voltage at the GPIO Pin4.
It drops shortly to 0Vs (about 0,5se later it is back to 3,2V)

I need support from pimoroni…i do not have further ideas

I would think the config file should be as it should be for it to all work right out of the box? You shouldn’t have to edit it?
A # in front of a line makes it a comment and its ignored, just in case you didn’t know.
To contact Pimoroni click the link I posted earlier in this thread.

Yes i know
The guy from the YT Video did it
I have testet both versions…
once with and once without the “dameon…”
It is the same

I have contacted the guys from pimoroni
Hopefully they can help

I can’t do much more for you, I don’t onw an on off shim. Hopefully one of the staff can sort out what’s going on.

Did you get any further with this issue?

One thing one of you could try is setting it up on Stretch instead of Buster. Maybe its a Buster issue, as I do believe that installer etc was written for Stretch?
You can get older versions of Raspbian here.
The Pi 4B is the only current model Pi that has to have Buster to boot.

I’m not sure if this will help or not but here is some info I use to shutdown and boot up my Pi.
If your Pi is shutdown and still has power, momentarily grounding GPIO 3 (pin 5) will have it boot up. As far as I know this works on all Pi models.
And with a config.txt edit that same pin can be used to do a proper shutdown. All you do is add dtoverlay=gpio-shutdown to the config.txt file
I did this on my Pi 4B and now pressing the button on my Fan Shim shuts down and boots up my Pi 4.
Turning on i2c breaks the gpio shutdown function though. Mapping that function to another pin will get it working again. I used
to get the Fan Shim button shut down working again. It also grounds GPIO 17 when pressed.
This does not kill the power to the Pi though, the RED power LED will still be on. If you remove power to the Pi grounding GPIO 3 does nothing.