OnOff shim for pico?

A bit like OnOff SHIM (micro-USB) – Pimoroni

but for the pico?

i.e. press a momentary button to disconnect the USB, so you don’t have to unplug the pico every time you upload a sketch

Does such a thing exist?

Not yet. You can add a button to the Pico on a breadboard, but I heard whipser that when Pimoroni get the bare 2040 chips they’re going to be releasing a board which is the Pico, but with a reset button and LiPo charging circuitry.

Alternatively, I’m fairly sure Adafruit’s Feather Pico will also have a reset button, whenever that gets released.

@Shoe I do believe Adafruit will be doing something similar. A 2040 with LIPO charging JST jack etc. It was in one of their YouTube Videos.
Wouldn’t surprise me if Pimoroni also does something like that. The Pi foundation will be making the bare chips available. A good move IMHO.