OnOff shim good for Picade?


I’ve got a Picade with 8" screen runnung nicley from the official 2,5A raspberry pi power supply.
Are there any problems using a OnOff shim with the Picade? I was thinking about the internal resistance of the shim or a possible voltage drop.


no, it’s pretty much the ‘power shutdown’ circuitry lifted off the Picade HAT, so it is what it is designed for.

Although it’s about a tenner more, if it’s for a Picade setup, I’d suggest you get the HAT in fact, and either replace or complement the Picade USB host / PCB. That will give you additional inputs (for a 2-player mod for example), or perhaps you can recycle the PCB for another setup?

… but anyhow, to answer the question, no problem adding an OnOff SHIM to your current setup!