Other Audio Devices Cannot Work After pHAT DAC Is Set Up



I’m using the pHAT DAC on my raspberry pi zero as an audio output and it works very well. However, after I set up the pHAT DAC according to the instruction here, I found that I cannot use my other audio-based board (Seeed 4 mic array, an audio input device) which works well before I set up the pHAT DAC. I listed the audio input devices in the terminal using arecord -l when the mic array was connected to the raspberry pi zero and it gave me that there was no audio input device. I think the setting up of the pHAT DAC may block the system to read other audio devices, or there are some other reasons. Is there any way to recover from this?

Thanks a lot!


I’m no expert on this but its likely because of the way i2s is changed / setup for the pHat DAC.
Things in the Raspberry Pi world aren’t plug and play like they are in the Windows world. Other than maybe some USB devices.
Have a look at your config.txt and see if the entries for the Seed 4 (if there are any) got remarked out with a #.


same thing happened to mine ,the install disables the Pi default sound device.not sure if it a bug or intentional ,I don’t know enough about linux to know a fix ,i didn’t need to fix mine because it was always going to be one of my dedicated pi sound device,and i have other pi zeros to use, Steps in in the install/setup guide tell it all, to me it looks like maybe a removing # 's and blacklisting when you want to use another sound device might work , or just buy another pi zero