Pan Tilt Hat has SPI gpio slots?

Noticing that the pan tilt hat,
has various gpio connections available from the top of the board. Are these redirects to the pins from the rpi itself? I see no reference describing these connections.

The pinout is here,
Looks like it only lists the ones actually used by the Hat. I would say they are just extensions of those pins on the GPIO. For if you get creative and want to mount a distance sensor, or an SPI camera etc.
An added bonus. Best guess anyway.

You might get some info if you watch this Bilge Tank Video.

I haven’t watched in myself, not yet anyway.

Aye indeed they just forward the pins from the Pi to a convinient header for expansion.

They’re not currently documented on as a rule of thumb, since they’re not technically in-use and would add visual clutter.

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Thanks Phil, thats what I was thinking and it makes a lot of sense.