Pan & Tilt - How to view the camera?

Hello, I recently purchased the Pan & Tilt kit, whilst I have it all set up, and tried out the examples such as, and the pan Tilt servo is working fine, I don’t see any images from the camera, yet I know it works as I test it prior to install the package require from the GIT Hub. There no instruction on how one expects to see the camera, there is no further instruction on this? I am using the latest version of Raspberry OS (yes did an apt update/install, rebooted, yes I2C and Camera is enabled via Raspi-config). This is running on Raspberry Pi 3B.

Unless I have completely missed out something in the instruction but I just don’t see it. I want to ensure that functionality al works before I move on to next stage - face tracking.

Please advise.


hello, some simple camera commands ,

google has lots of camera how-to’s .

a free pdf file of the new pi camera , the guide might help with any pi camera ,just guessing though ,

This is a little test script I did up for mine.

from picamera import PiCamera
from time import sleep
import pantilthat


camera = PiCamera()
camera.rotation = 180
camera.resolution = (1280, 720)


It will center both servo’s and then do a short preview of what the camera see’s. The camera while being physically connected to the Pan Tilt, doesn’t actually have any electrical connections to it. It connects to the Pi like it did before the Pan Tilt was added. Viewing the camera is done just the same way you did it before installing the Pan Tilt.

I run my Pan Tilt in Motion Eye OS. It provides a continuous camera feed in real time.

Thank you for the replies received.

So there is no way to interact with the Raspberry PI camera to see what it is seeing directly, I thought the example apps provided shows a new window of a camera, or at least connect via the raspberry pi web i.e. using port 80, I know that this is a web server port (and it’s not installed), but I would have thought an example would show what the camera sees. I did test prior to installing the pan & tilt software and it was all OK, now after installation, it wont let me see as the software is using the camera, so I get ENDSPC error, which I have googled (meaning that if the pi cam is in use this is the error one will get as only one app can access the picam).

So is this correct, or are my expectation high :-)


Installing the Pan Tilt software had no effect on the usability of my camera. All the Pan Tilt does is add controllable movement to your camera. How you view its feed is up to you.
I went with Motion Eye OS. It has support built in for controlling the Pan Tilt hat. There is some extra configuration to be done for the Pan tilt functions to be added to the Web GUI. IMHO it was well worth the effort for me. The Motion Eye camera feed is view-able from a web browser over your LAN. And I can pan and tilt if from that web interface, take pictures and take video. I set up a couple of presets that have it move to a specific position with one button click. And I also have the option of manual movements in any direction.