Pantilithat neopixel strip LED's not working properly


i have a pantilt hat, which is working fine but i am struggling to get the LED up and running with it.
So i am not sure if i have done something wrong connectivity wise or its just python script.

I am running this on a Pi zero W, the pantilt library is 0.0.4

have been using the following from a python prompt
pantilthat.set_all(xxx, xxx, xxx)

if i do
pantilthat.set_all(255, 255, 255)
i get 8 red LED’s on

if i do
pantilthat.set_all(0, 0, 0)
i get two green leds on (first two on the strip)

any help much appreciated



Hmm, you shouldn’t be seeing anything with the the RGB colour code set to all 0s. Are you making sure to clear the buffer before changing colours?
It’s likely that it’s a hardware connection issue. Did you solder the Neopixel strip to some wires, or just use jumper jerky cables?


I have soldered some male header pins on there and jumper cables to connect to the main pantilt board

setting the output each time with, should i be doing something different?
anything other than pantilthat.set_all(255, 255, 255) gives a selection of red lights or a green light on



It’s been a long time since I used the pan-tilt hat library, but there is a function similar to something like “pantilthat.clear()”. You’ll probably find it in one of the example files. This function clears all colour commands in the buffer, essentially setting the board to it’s original state, although, since you’re getting problems regardless of colour, it’s most likely not software related!

Your soldering doesn’t seem to be shorting anything out, but your top ground connection is a bit bulbous. Maybe try re-flowing your joints and have another go. I’d recommend a pair of “helping hands” with a magnifying glass for the job, or if nothing else, just somebody else holding a glass for you!