PanTiltHat current load

How much currentload milliamps can I safely expect to drain on the three ports LIGHT, SERVO1 and SERVO2, without causing damage to pantilthat baord or the RPi3B+ I intend to use.
Is there a documented specification for the pantilthat board. PanTiltHat tells you can load 24 LEDs WS2812, but what is the value in Amps or milliamps?

I can’t answer that question directly but I can give you some info that might help.
I do believe you are limited to a MAX of 1.2A “from” a Pi 3B+. It has a 1.2A poly fuse that limits the maximum that can be drawn by the USB ports and GPIO to 1.2A

I think I will rephrase my question. My concern is mainly on the pantilthat board itself. I assume servos
SG90 each draw 400mA when moving ( I can occasionally see undervoltage arrow when using a poor powersupply ). So depending on what kind of LEDs used at say 10 -15mA each times 24, is the pantilthat board capable to cope with such load ?

That I don’t know? You’d have to ask maybe Phil @gadgetoid or Sandy @sandyjmacdonald