Pan Tilt Hat and low power issue

I am using a RPI 3 B with a 5v 3amp power supply and am running a software program called PiCAMIt from I keep getting a low power error message when using the servos. Any know problems with this issue? I have another camera set up using the same hat but different software and POE power supply, no problems with that setup.

Where did your power supply come from? I’d guess it’s not delivering the 3A it’s promising.

I bought it from Amazon

Ah! Non branded? I’d be willing to bet if you try to pull >1A from it, the voltage will drop like a sack of rocks.

These are usually designed for charging phones or tablets which will try to pull 3A, see the voltage drop, and decrease their current requirements accordingly so you never know the power supply is garbage. The Pi is not so forgiving when it comes to voltage drop.

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