PCB to breadboard. Solderless

I am a TOTAL beginner, so i may not be using the correct terminology. So please be patient with me.

I’m basically in the process of building a scoreboard for my indoor hockey team, i’m playing with these LEDs connected to an arduino UNO:

I want to prototype the design on a breadboard but I’m really struggling to connect the above to a breadboard. I don’t want to use solder until I’m ready to physically build the unit, so i have been using mini crocodile clips and male to male breadboard cables, which is really messy and unstable!

if someone could help i would be really grateful and can then crack on with some programming!


The usual way of doing it would be to solder pin headers to your neopixel (with the pins pointing out of the back of the neopixel) so you can easily plug them into a breadboard or connect them up with jumper wires. You can solder wires to the pins later on when you’re ready for a permanent install!

Cheers, I had looked up headers and pins but never realised you they could be broken down to single units!

I guess at some point I’m going to have too get used to soldering, any recommendations for a suitable soldering iron? as the one I’ve got is pretty chunky…

Definitely a handy skill to have :)

The TS100 is a very nice smart soldering iron that’s light and easy to move around!