Probably been asked this before

I want to experiment with some different boards using a breadboard before I build a permanent set up.
To connect to the breadboard I obviously need to fit pins in the headers but may be hard wiring or using sockets for final construction. I don’t want to have to solder,then unsolder to do the finished article because I am worried about pcb pads lifting.
What do people suggest.
I have got one of these for the pi but need to sort something out for the other bits.

I sometimes use test clips for this, although they can be tricky to hook up and are very prone to being nudged out of place.

We don’t stock any (yet, I’m going to look into it) but these are the sort of thing I’m talking about:

Thanks, I have test clips amongst my arsenal of bits and pieces but was hoping there might be something that could fit in the holes on the boards to do the development work on the breadboard without soldering…
Have just seen the hammer headers and am wondering how easy they would be to remove. I realise they would be a use once and throw away after solution but are they available in single strips not doubles as I might only need 4 or 5 at a time.

pogo pins are what is typically used to make temporary contact. Combined with a clamp you can hold a board in place without much trouble.

Here are some hooks similar to what @gadgetoid what talking about incidentally: