Auto... hat header pulled off when removed from hat hack3r

got my hat hack3r hooked up the zero and automation hat to the hack3r, no problems till I removed the automation hat. The header pulled of and stayed with the hack3r. Solder paste seemed less than a solid bond. Just thought I would let you know. any considerqtion of through mounting the header?




A through-hole header would shoot the price right up, as it would have to be fitted by hand - OK for a few units but not a few hundreds (at a time).

Solder paste is very strong as long as it’s baked at the right temperature. Since that is fully controlled and it’s an isolated case I would expect it was a slight misalignment of the header on the contact that is at fault on your unit.

Send an email to and they’ll sort you out. Alternatively it’s a fairly straightforward job to solder it back on, but you shouldn’t have to do that yourself, so don’t hesitate to ask for a swap!

Thanks, understand about the costs. I bought this from Adafruit, so i will contact them.