Setting up rotary encoder with RGB LED

I plan to use a rotary encoder with RGB led, a device which I find very cool.

My question is (I am really new to all things electronic, more in programming …): do you need the breakout board (and then some headers to solder) to use it on a breadboard or can it be used directly on the board ? I am shy on soldering, although I know I will have to wet my feet some day.



That depends on the pins on the encoder. Spacing, positioning length etc.
Solderless breadboard?

Thanks for the quick return. I had in mind the model sold by Pimoroni, and a standard solderlrss board.

This one, might plug right into the breadboard. Hard to say for sure just from the picture. The pins may be too big a diameter to plug in.
If it was me I’d get the breakout board to be safe and some male header .

I will do as you suggested, and I will learn in the process. After all, this is what it’s all about.