Phat Beat no sound on left channel

Finally got around to getting the software up and running however after most of the day scratching my head I’ve discovered that my left channel doesn’t have any sound.
Lots of nice VU meter action however on both channels, but no matter what position the switch is in it makes no difference, I’m assuming it’s an issue with the amp chip or something not quite soldered.

From software side I’ve tried the following several times.
I’ve tried a full fresh install of jesie light again to but still no luck.
Steps completed.
after fresh install, raspi-config to setup ssh.
Setup wpa_supp…
apt-get update & upgrade
curl -sS | bash
apt-get update & upgrade
and plenty of reboots.

Have i missed something obvious (and I’ve already tried the cables in the wrong way to check).

what do you mean by wiring the cables the wrong way? while keeping the speakers in phase is highly recommended switching the wires of the speakers around would not lead to lack of sound.

If you haven’t tried swapping the speakers around yet, switching which channel they are wired to, then try that… this may be what you meant but just to be sure we’re not talking at cross purposes.

anyhow, if the same channel still fails then that means it’s something on the pHAT itself, though they do go through rigurous QA checks before they leave us so it wouldn’t be where my money be if I was a betting man.

… if you have one functional speaker only, then check the soldering of the wires on the speakers themselves, the fault may be visible (though not necessarily).

Incidentally, both chips communicate via the same pins on the Pi, so in theory the cause for your trouble should not lie with the soldering of the header itself… I think…

The one speaker (from the pirate radio kit) works fine when connected to the Right channel just nothing from the Left channel, Swapping the wires around I tried RED to + and BLANK to - also tried Red to - and Black to + (just in case it was somehow reversed on a mad idea).

I’m glad that it’s not the Hammer header that’s causing the problems (I had enough trouble with the guide bolts not fitting through the pHATs Beats holes :) ).

I’ve done a continuity check and the push fit connector seems ok (tested against the pads directly behind the white push fit connector).

Should all the pins on the chip close to button 16 be connected/soldered as to my rather shot eye sight it looks a little more copper rather than solder on the pin to the right of the white lineup dot see photo

oh, yes, it definitely looks like one of the pad on one of the chip is not connected, sorry about that… how confident are you with a soldering iron?

basically, you should apply a very tiny bit of solder on the tip of your iron, then drag gently from the chip outwards, in the direction of the pad. This should prevent ‘bridges’ with the landing next to it.

… you could always give it a go, the alternative is for you to send the unit back to base for replacement and we’ll rework the unit either way, so feel free to practice the technique and see if you can ‘revise’ the amp.

LOL, I’ve been sat in front of a computer screen for the last 30 years, I can’t see for toffee, why do you think I’ve used the Hammer Headers :). Please let me know the address/procedure details and I’ll get it posted, in the mean time I’m ordering another, one plus the Female hammer headers for a future van project.

shoot an email, maybe include a link to this topic so they know it’s been troubleshooted.

looks like your 2 lower right pads on the slide switch are also unsoldered as well as a poor job on the right channel connector.