Speaker pHat problem


i just bought a speaker pHat from maplin i did the soldering i check continuity everything fine, i install the software i test with the test.py script the Vu meter work but the speaker didn’t. on booting process i heard a crackling noise from the speaker but nothing more, i try to see if it was detect on the i2c bus with i2cdetect cmd but no address for the pHat




The test.py script doesn’t test audio, just the LEDs IIRC.

Try something like speaker-test -c 2 -t wav


still no sound


What do you see if you run aplay -L and aplay -l?


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aplay -L


Software setup looks sensible. Could you post a photo of your soldering?




Hmm, try:

speaker-test -c 2 -t wav -D hw:0,0

If the speaker is crackling it’s getting power, the soldering looks okay, and the software setup looks okay.

There are a couple of joints on your header that could do with a slight retouch. Perhaps go over it carefully reheating the joints until they flow into little cones without adding any new solder.


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speaker-test -c 2 -t wav -D hw:0,0

i think i will try with a fresh install of raspbian jessie lite


That “Device or resource busy” error is Pulse Audio.

Try: sudo systemctl pulseaudio stop

Then: speaker-test -c 2 -t wav -D hw:0,0



i just reinstall a fresh copy of rasbian jessie lite, did the setup but still received the same msg « device or resources busy.

but i try something else i went in the file speakerphat and i try the cmd aplay test.wav and the vumeter and the speaker was working but with the mp3 file its a big fail :/



Sorry it should be:

sudo systemctl stop pulseaudio

I keep getting systemd and systemv argument order mixed up!