Speaker pHAT 1st LED doesn't turn on

Hi there. I had just setup a speaker pHat and installed the software / ran the setup. Upon playing something like an mp3 file, I can see that the first LED of the vumeter doesn’t light up. The others do, however. Might this be something I soldered wrong? I see the same thing using a pizero where I soldered the headers myself and a pi3 where the solders came pre-installed. Using the latest raspbian.9.1 stretch lite.


I wouldn’t think its a soldering issue, the LED’s are driver by an SN3218 LED driver chip. And that I believe is driven via i2c. It would all or nothing if it was a soldering error. And the DAC uses i2s.
@gadgetoid would know for sure. How long have you had it?

Pinout is here, https://pinout.xyz/pinout/speaker_phat# You could resolder those pins just to be sure, but I don’t think it will make any difference.

Thanks for the feedback. I’ll look at the headers again. I’ve only had it for one day.

If you bought it here, click the “About Us” above, then look for a “contact us” link bottom of page. Click that, enter your issue, a link to this thread will help too. See what they say.

Thank you! I didn’t purchase it directly from Pimoroni, but a local reseller here, Microcenter. I’ve re-soldered the 5 pins mentioned in the diagram and no change. It’s not a huge deal, just wondering if I fat fingered something. It otherwise works fine. I’ve also now just submitted via the contact form, to see what they say.

I’d do the same on the Microcenter web site. It sounds like a dud LED to me.

I managed to exchange for a different unit. Worked properly, and it was even on sale for cheaper! Thank you all!

Good stuff. Thumbs Up.