Phat Beat - Reverse VU Meter

Hi - is there an easy way to reverse the orientation of the Phat Beat’s VU Meter LEDs please? It’s currently going low-high from right to left and I’d prefer it to be left to right as that suits the way up I’ve mounted it. I can see bar_ reverse in the code but unsure where to alter it for the best. Thanks!

I would say put that after the import phatbeat and above the while true.

Thanks will give it a go, think it needs to be set to 1 or 0 though, one way to find out!

Do you have a link to where you found that? I didn’t see it in the reference list.

1 usually means True, do it. And 0 false don’t do it.

I added it to /etc/asound.conf

pcm_scope.pivumeter {
type pivumeter
decay_ms 500
peak_ms 400
brightness 128
output_device phat-beat
bar_reverse 1

After reboot it was reversed.

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Ah OK, that explains why I couldn’t find it. I was looking at the python code. Well done. =)

Awesome thanks, had a feeling it was asound I needed to edit but wasn’t brave enough as everything’s working! Brilliant.

The win32 disk imager will let you make an backup image of your MicroSD card.
I think this is the official download site?

I’ve done it a few times when I didn’t want to have to start all over from scratch if I messed something up.