pHAT DAC and 7" touch screen compatibility


I recently bought a pHAT DAC with the intention of combining it with a RPI 2 fitted with a 7” touch screen to make a music player running Clementine. It was only when I got the pHAT DAC that it dawned on me that this may not be possible as both the pHAT DAC and the screen will need to be connected to the GPIO pins, and may even use the same GPIO pins for power. I would be most grateful if you could let me know if you think it would be possible to create such a project, and if so how I should wire up both the PHAT DAC and the screen to achieve this.

Two solutions come to my mind…

  1. Don’t solder in the female header with short pins that comes with the pHAT, but instead get the stackable female header here with the 11mm pins: … this should allow you to both power the DAC pHAT and Pi via the GPIO +5V and GND pins.

  2. You can also power the Pi as well as the official 7" touch LCD via a dedicated microUSB Y-cable sufficiently, albeit I would recommend solution 1 as it has more reserves. Don’t try to wire the LCD and Pi via a short USB cable in series, as there are to many connectors included with to tiny wires. I never got satisfying results with the series wiring.

Hi thediveo,

Many thanks for the prompt reply, and for the suggestion of the stackable 11mm female header. These definitely look like they’ll do the job. I was afraid I’d have to do some majorly convoluted wiring job to get the screen and DAC pHAT to work together.

It looks like I need to go shopping for some more pirate booty!