pHat DAC setup on Raspian Buster

Hi, I recently dug out an old but brand-new pHat DAC that’s been sitting around unused for a few years with the hope I could get it working. The setup guidelines are based on older versions of Rasbian and don’t seem to work with Buster.

Is there a guide somewhere for setting up this product in Buster please?

Many thanks,

I managed to fix it after finding and following the simple setup instructions for the Audio DAC Shim and (oops!) remembering to use the -o alsa option with omxplayer.

Weirdly though, omxplayer is failing to decode the mp3 compression. Sometimes it works and sounds great, other times it take a few seconds to start decoding and you get the most horrendous distortion. Sometimes the same mp3 file works, other times it fails. But that’s a different issue to the one I started with this post.