Speaker pHAT and pHAT DAC won't work with omxplayer

Has anybody worked out how to get Speaker pHAT and pHAT DAC working with omxplayer ?

I have been struggling in vain to get them working for an installation I am building - but, omxplayer seems to only want to support hdmi or headphone socket audio. They work fine when you run audio test, but omxplayer plays only to the built in audio outs.

I was hoping pHAT DAC would give me better quality sound for my video clips but it looks like I’ll have to stick with hdmi audio unless anybody can persuade me otherwise.

Find out what card the DAC is by running: aplay -l then plumb that into omxplayer: -o alsa:hw:0,0 where the numbers are -o alsa:hw:<CARD>,<DEVICE>