pHAT DAC with LibreElec


I am a bit of a newbe to the world of Pi
I have a bought a pHAT DAC so I can plug my Raspberry Pi 3 into my beloved 1980’s Technics SU-V4X amp.
I have a Pi3 running LibreElec with Kodi Jarvis V16.1 but had annoying white noise which I found is common with the standard Pi 3.5mm jack so it was pHAT DAC to the rescue.
I am unable to use “curl -sS | bash” using ssh & putty also there appears to be no “raspi-blacklist.conf”

I have manage to to get the pHAT DAC working using Raspian then loading the pHAT DAC then Kodi but this is only Isengard V15.2.
Is it possible to use pHAT DAC with LibreElec or is there a way to load Raspian with Kodi Jarvis V16.1.
Hslp would be much apreciated.