pHATDAC and DAC hats in general

Can someone quickly put me right here. I have both Raspberry Pi’s and a Zero, but am confused by the whole sound out thing without cables. If I want to stream reasonably high quality mp3 sound out using a USB Bluetooth dongle to Bluetooth speakers then can this happen easily via say using a pHATDAC?

Hey there

DACs create an analogue audio signal for sending over traditional analogue media (ie wires)… Hence, despite having no real experience of Bluetooth audio streaming, I’m 99% sure you won’t need one (the DAC will be already tucked neatly into your bluetooth speakers.)

Edit: Revised 100% to 99% as only The Sith deal in absolutes.

Thanks for the clarify! It was just my wooly thinking about where in the chain the conversion has to take place 😊