Pi 0 pHAT Ribbon and Enviro Plus connections

I was on Enviro PHAT Temp & pHAT Stack trying to figure out how to plug a Pi0 with a pHAT stack, through a Ribbon and then the Enviro Plus.

I can’t get my head around it…as my setup is slightly different to the one shown in that question
I’d like to avoid the magic blue smoke :-)

Pic 1:

The white wire is on pin 1( the squared one on the PI)

Which goes to to pHat


This seems right as on pic 3 the white cable seems to map to where the third picture shows 3V

I see I could have actually got a non soldered Pi0 and get it directly on the pHat but that all new to me so for next time.

hello ,not 100% sure as i cant see the white wire in all pictures ,but I think its wrong ,so don’t boot it up yet , from what i think i see the cable should be other way around ,
the white wire should be on the left side ,so it would go back to the pizero ,and the pizero would be right side up ,the cable going over top or the zero , like i said don’t try it till some others come in with there opinions

I Haven’t booted it because it kind of feels wrong.
But I am not sure which part
getting more picture with the white cable

yeah i just set mine up the way u have yours and yours is wrong , has to go over top of pi-zero white line on the left !