Pi Noob: getting started with unicorn paint

There must something silly that Im missing.
Bought Raspberry pi and Unicorn HAT at Maker Faire
Made sure pi is up to date.
Followed tutorial "getting started with unicorn hat"
Followed tutorial "getting started with unicorn paint"
However am stuck at this step:

Locate the code you downloaded earlier and make your way to the Unicorn Paint example folder. Then just type:
sudo ./paint.py
And Unicorn Paint should fire up on your Pi. Note: you won’t see any graphical interface yet, we need to connect with a web browser from another computer, or your Pi, to get things working.
Connect to Unicorn Paint from your web browser
If you’re running entirely on the Raspberry Pi, I’m going to assume you’ve got a desktop up and have Epiphany Browser installed. You should see an icon for it on your desktop if you do, click it and enter the following into the address bar:

I am unsure where to type "sudo ./paint.py"
Command line in terminal?
Additionally, there is no folder “examples” within the unicorn hat folder. Only “static” and “templates”

Sorry for long winded post.

You should have a folder on your Pi that’s in: /home/pi/Pimoroni/unicornhat/unicornpaint/

You’ll need to fire up the Terminal/Command Line and type:

cd /home/pi/Pimoroni/unicornhat/unicornpaint/