Pi zero header soldering botched up


While soldering a header to the pi zero, I accidentally applied to much solder on the pcb. I tried removing it using solder wick, but it didn’t work. Could someone please help me?



Using a solder sucker is probably your best bet and then tidy up with the wick once most of it is gone.


Other suppliers are available.




Looks like you’ll need more than a solder sucker and will probably damage the board with all the heat needed. I would suggest getting another Zero as they only cost £4. In future remember apply the heat to the joint then after about 1-2 seconds apply the solder.



You’re probably right but it would be good practice for another time when it isn’t quite so bad




Thanks for the help guys!


Solder wick will work and is the best thing to use. However it sounds like you are not using it correctly. First of all it needs to be at least 5mm wide. Next put it down on the bench and put your iron over the the end. Then holding the spool move the wick through 180 degrees so it wraps round the tip. Then holding the tip and wick in tension move it and apply it to your joint ( mess ).

It also looks like your iron is not hot enough which will reduce the effectiveness of the solder wick as well.


Put some newspaper on your desk and do this in sections letting the board cool down each time.

Hold the board so you can tap it down onto the newspaper each time molten, so melt and flick :)

It does work if you get the action right, as you has so much solder there your desolderer will prob just jam.