Bilge Tank 072

Guys i am just watching your latest episode and i was just curious if there is some kind of tool that could be used to detach hats from pi zero without any bending pins?

Second question. Is it possible to detach solderless headers when you dont need them anymore of when you want to replace them with different ones?

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the best way to remove a HAT without bending the pins is to rock it back and forth, rather than sideways. If your Pi is in a coupé style Pibow then lifting from the middle at the top with something like this is quite effective.

… as regards to your second question. I guess the header would come off with a bit of persuasion but you would likely not be able to reuse it (at least not without soldering it back down to ensure all points of contacts are good, which voids the point obviously).

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That trick to remove hats works like a charm. Just did a quick test with mini black hat hack3r and unicorn phat and its so easy.

I really like watching your Bilge tank. I always learn something new. Keep up good work Pimoroni crew.