Pi Zero + HyperPixel 4: Framebuffer / Pygame


I’m trying to runPeppy player on Pi Zero + HyperPixel 4 touch screen.

Peppy player installation and configuration processes are good.

I run the HyperPixel 4 one-line installer but Pygame will not make a display.

Can you confirm if the screen/driver can work in the console mode with framebuffer?
Do you have any simple Pygame example running in console/framebuffer mod?

The player is using Pygame library which in turn is using framebuffer for drawing on screen:
https://github.com/project-owner/Peppy/ … g.py#L1284

For the touchscreen the player needs the device ‘/dev/input/touchscreen’:
https://github.com/project-owner/Peppy/ … g.py#L1291

Thank you your help would be greatly appreciated