Pi Zero W DOA?

Hi guys,

I’ve just ordered a Pi Zero W, but it’s completely non-responsive.
I have a few Zero’s and a couple of Zero W’s already, so I’ve used 2 Zero’s and 2 Zero W’s to troubleshoot.

  • Each power cable works with each Pi.
  • Each SD works with each of the working Pi’s
  • Each working Pi’s activity LED works
  • Each working Pi shows on the TV (2 mini-HDMI adaptors plus mini-HDMI lead)

In retrospect, I should have tested it before attaching the headers, but I’ve never had any Pi fail, Zero or otherwise. The headers were attached in the same way I’ve done in the past. I’ve attached photos for reference in case I’ve damaged it somehow.

My multitester shows there’s current to the GPIO pins on the new Pi. Both 5V and 3.3V have been tested against each ground pin in turn.

At this point I’m looking for suggestions.

Thanks. Q


Sounds like you’ve been about as thorough as I could suggest. Drop us an email to support@pimoroni.com, referencing this thread and they we get you sorted with a return & replacement.

Is that a hammer header you’ve added? Make sure to point out the use of a header, since you’ll likely one that replaced too!

Those are indeed male hammer header pins. A seriously cool invention.
Will do. Cheers.
Good news though, after a lengthy update & upgrade on my oldest Zero build (poor choice to test with) the DAC played the test sounds found in the one-line installer from SandyJ’s Scroll Phat & PhatDAC Spectrul Analyser tutorial. {insert thumbs up here}
It rules out my theory about magnets killing the chips in transit. Curious.