Pi zero w v1.1 no WiFi or bluetooth

I bought a. Pi zero w when they where first released I had a few issues with WiFi not working but these where addressed with updates. Now they are back no WiFi or Bluetooth with latest versions of raspian and retropie . Not sure if it’s hardware or software. I have not used the zero for a few months but it was working before update. In fact I have tried a fresh install of both raspian and retropie with no luck. If this is a common fault then it’s no worries they are cheap enough to replace I just don’t want to waste my time trying to fix it if it’s just broken. Any help much appreciated…

Four Pi Zero W’s here, all running Jessie and the WIFI works just fine. I have a brand new one still in the antistatic bag that I’m going to try Stretch on, hopefully before the day is out. Will post back with the results. I have a 3B running Stretch (same WIFI chip I believe) and the WIFI worked OK.

Running Stretch on my both Zero-W’s and no problems so far.

Just installed stretch on my spare Pi Zero W, WIFI is working just fine.