Pibow Display-o-Tron 3000 Lego joystick mod

I’ve created a case mod for the Pibow that gives a Lego button cap for the joystick on a Display-o-Tron 3000.

The key element is slicing off the lower ring from a 1x1 round plate. This reveals an indentation which exactly fits the nub of the DoT3K’s joystick. From there you can mount any 1x1 round brick, and have it protrude through the top layer by drilling a simple hole.

Full instructions: http://aoakley.com/articles/2014-11-02-pibow-dot3k-lego.php


Nice! How do you find the flower as a joystick? It looks quite thumb-friendly.

The 2x2 flower (Lego part no. 98262) works brilliantly as a thumb-friendly joystick, like it was always meant for that purpose. Plus it has the Lego logo imprinted on the stud, which I find somehow more gratifying than the swallow-safe open studded pieces.

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This is a genius tip :)

I’ve found that the red sphere piece from Lego Cloud Cuckoo Land is the best cap ever.

If you run in a case with the hole drilled add a grey telescope piece for a retro arcade feel :)


Haha, this is absolutely fantastic! Now you need some retro games to match!

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