Display-O-Tron 3000 - how to place..?

Hi there, currently I am working on a digital vending machine where we currently have a 2x16 lcd and one button. I would like to upgrade to the display-o-tron but I wonder how I could extend the joystick in a good way. Any experience on this?

There are some great examples here, but it depends how long you want to extend it by! Pibow Display-o-Tron 3000 Lego joystick mod

It has to be used in a semi production machine so I am not sure if that would be strong enough. are there replacement joysticks?

If you pop the Display-o-Tron off your Pi and run wires to the bits you need ( check here for the Pinout: http://pi.gadgetoid.com/pinout/display_o_tron_3000 ) then you can hook up any joystick you like.

Actually, the Display-o-Tron is only 26pins, so if you’re enterprising enough you can connect a joystick up to the additional header on a A+/B+/Pi2

That means you could use this, and an arcade button: http://shop.pimoroni.com/products/zippyy-ball-handle-joystick

Or if you want something less extreme, and bear in mind you’ll absolutely need some sort of Analog breakout for this, you could use one of these: http://shop.pimoroni.com/products/analog-2-axis-thumb-joystick-with-select-button-breakout-board

I imagine the arcade stick would be just a little bit disproportionate in size to the Display-o-Tron, but it would at least be extremely hard wearing!