(noob) Can I use Display-o-tron with IQAudio PiDac+ on Rpi2?

hi there - I have recently set up a RPi2 with RuneAudio and the IQAudio pidac+

It’s working like a charm, and I am now interested in adding a display - either adafruit 16x2 or Display-o-tron

Usual ‘artist/title’ etc…

Button control of playback and volume would be a bonus

Would like to know which LCD device is recommended and if I need additional components to connect the display to the existing set up

I’m relatively new to all of this but keen to experiment and learn


You could use a Display-o-Tron with some creative pin reassignment. The Pi DAC+ and Display-o-Tron 4000 share the use of BCM 25 which you can see by looking at:



Although there’s clearly something I need to double-check on the Pi DAC+ side of those details, because the IR Sensor can’t possibly be connected to a GND pin :D

The easy way would be to use the Display-o-Tron HAT as normal ( on a Black HAT Hacker ) and wire up all of the pins of the Pi DAC+, except BCM25 which is not essential, to the breakout pins in the middle of the Black HAT Hacker.

Or you can try your chances by populating all of the pins into the breakout header of the Pi DAC+ except BCM25 and sticking Display-o-Tron HAT right on top.

I’m not well acquainted with the Pi DAC+, but looking at the details it shouldn’t be tricky.

actually, BCM25 is not active by default, so there is no pin conflict.

and, yep, the pinout is wrong, that’s how I find out, after thinking about this question ;-)
… I’ve submitted a pull request.

Anyhow, regarding the OP, on principle that is possible, but I think a HAT may not be the best form factor to couple a LCD with a Pi-DAC. That said, it would be well worth a try!

Sorry, rushing through my answer, what I meant was that if using the breakout header a HAT wouldn’t fit without some stacking headers and support.

Actually you could totally ignore the raised phono sockets by working the Display-o-tron at 90 degrees, as per attached pic:

…I’m using a dot3k (26-pin GPIO) but you get the idea.

All you need for that configuration, besides populating the breakout header, is a 40-way right angle F-M header so you could give it a go without much hassle.

And if you build it into a box shape you could easily store away a couple of HD. Hum… sounds like I’ve just talked myself into another project ;-)

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I think I’ve told you before. But you’re the best kind of bonkers :D

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Aaah you guys are the best - thanks for all the ideas. Will spend some time digesting before the next move