Picade 10" bezel screw-holes, marquee fit, back door not closing flush

Just some quick notes: I recently assembled a Picade with the 10" screen included. During assembly I discovered, that the screw holes were punched through the cardboard bezel on the thin edge (where the top of the display would be), while the actual acrylic frame, holding the display assembly together, would be at the bottom. When assembling the screen kit using the provided holes, the top part of the display would be covered by the cardboard. I fixed the issue by punching new holes and it is fine now, I would however have liked a more stable construction for the display assembly.

I also noticed, that the marquee “sandwich” fits very loosely into its slot, with at least .5mm of wiggle room.

And finally, the back door of my build does not close flush on the right side (seen from the front), even though all other parts fit together nicely and nothing is interfering with the panel. This seems to be caused by some inconsistencies in the way the side-panel is cut, as there is a slight (1mm) difference to the other panel at the top.

All in all, I am really stoked to have the cab finished, but I still hope this helps improve the product.

I think there have been a few people running into troubles with the holes- see: 10” Screen Upgrade Observations

I’ve brought these threads to the attention of the right folks, though!