Mismatched hole on Base 1 and Top 1 for 10" screen


I’m working through building a 10" picade with my son, but when we attempt to construct the screen assembly, the “Top 1” and “Base 1” plexiglass pieces have holes that do not line up with the primary plexiglass 4:3 screen covering. No permutation of rotating and flipping seems to make things line up. They’re close, but far enough off that you’d have to really really force the screws and likely crack the plastic.

Am I missing something or is this just badly made?

  • Matt


I don’t have a picade of any sort but this thread may help Picade (new) 10" screen upgrade kit concerns if not I’m sure someone else will be along with the correct info!



Can’t quite visualise what you describe but the top two screw holes are not used in the 10” version. The top is secured by the notches in the side panels only. Hope that helps?