Screen upgrade issue



I just recieved my screen upgrade for the picade new model. I noticed that the holes of the screen do not fit with the holes for the screws of the old acrylic screen. , Additionally, the holes for the screws in the screen plate have a different diameter than required for the screws and if I align the triangle borders with the base 1, the upper side of the screen hides the holes of the acrylic.

I think that this upgrade if for a different model, maybe for the old one. It is possible?

Picade (new) 10" screen upgrade kit concerns
Picade (new) 10" screen upgrade kit concerns

I have the same issue here. The new screen blocks the holes in the acrylic front screen cover. There’s no way to bolt together the screen acrylic and the top brackets because the new screen blocks those holes. @sandyjmacdonald - what are our options here?


I have the same issue. I’d really like an answer because I can’t see a way past this.


Think a possible solution is line up the holes at the top, but bodge it a little at the bottom. The metal tabs on the screen don’t quite fit into the v shaped slots on base 1. Looks like it will still hold and fit into the cabinet slots.


Thanks for the suggestion, @martyn! If you did that - it’d mean you would have to leave off the black cardboard bezel, no?

I thought about doing it that way too - but ended up just putting it together without any screws on the top and using the cabinet slots to hold the top bracket together. Seems to work for the time being. (I didn’t want to have to go back to the 8" screen to use my Picade with its new Plasma buttons!)


I still have the cardboard bezel, basically the acrylic base 1 is sitting slightly proud against the screen instead of flush into the v slots. It still fits into the cabinet, so fingers crossed!


The top part of the assembly gets held together, and held in, by the cabinet and doesn’t get screwed together. Having that hole there is really confusing, and we’ll remove it to avoid future confusion. I’ll feed that back to Paul.


Thank you for the response! Your solution to the top part of the assembly was what I ended up doing. It was quite fiddly to get the screen and top bracket with the driver board installed correctly.

May I suggest that you provide some double sided tape or similar? Nothing permanent but enough to ensure that the screen and part with the driver board does not move around while getting slotted into the cabinet?